ALEPEL x Venezuela

ALEPEL as a brand has deep roots tied to the wondrous country of Venezuela. Founder and designer Adriana Epelboim-Levy is Venezuelan by decent, grew up in the country, and still retains a residence there. Making her way to America for her training in design, she still holds every part of her Venezuelan culture dear to her heart. Celebrating the country she loves through one of ALEPEL’s first hand-painted collections was a natural step for Epelboim-Levy. Every design in this curated collection represents an element of Venezuela. From stars that adorn the Venezuelan flag, to the Troupial, which is the national bird of Venezuela, every pair has a feature of Venezuela, painted with love by ALEPEL’s artists.

The collection took life from the need of supporting the people in Venezuela who are facing a deep crisis. ALEPEL collaborated with fashion influencer Daniela Morgenstern (@Danirulis), by dedicating our art to the people in need. Through this capsule collection, we aim to raise the country's most beautiful symbols and in turn, the proceeds will go to positive initiatives in Venezuela.


With the help of a disabled young artist we were able to translate our sketches into beautiful paintings onto the leather shoes.The result is a beautiful collection that exalts the best assets of our native Venezuela in collaboration amongst artist. We are happy to be able to help women and children in need by giving the proceeds of our sales to FUNDANA, a foundation dedicated to the welfare of abandoned children in Venezuela.