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A perfect keepsake for your fine jewelry, or daily essentials.

There is a unique story behind each of these pieces that gets touched by artists and continued through you. In a world where we are expected to fit into existing ideas, we present a clean canvas for your personal story to be painted.

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Limited Edition Japanese Garden TrayLimited Edition Japanese Garden Tray
Limited Edition Japanese Garden Tray Sale price$59.00 Regular price$87.00
Polka Dots Black TrayPolka Dots Black Tray
Polka Dots Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Mushroom Black TrayMushroom Black Tray
Mushroom Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Cosmos Black TrayCosmos Black Tray
Cosmos Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Soho Black TraySoho Black Tray
Soho Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Serpent Black TraySerpent Black Tray
Serpent Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Pampa Leaves Black TrayPampa Leaves Black Tray
Pampa Leaves Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Japanese Garden Black TrayJapanese Garden Black Tray
Infinite Black TrayInfinite Black Tray
Infinite Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Green Palms Black TrayGreen Palms Black Tray
Green Palms Black Tray Sale price$87.00
Beige Abstract Palms Black TrayBeige Abstract Palms Black Tray
Madison Tray | Holiday by Lainy HedayaMadison Tray | Holiday by Lainy Hedaya
Warm Retro Beige TrayWarm Retro Beige Tray
Warm Retro Beige Tray Sale price$87.00
Felina Beige TrayFelina Beige Tray
Felina Beige Tray Sale price$87.00
Taupe Abstract Palms Beige TrayTaupe Abstract Palms Beige Tray