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Hand-painted just for you and your home.

Hand-crafted in Brazil with a zero waste process, our genuine and vegan leather is prepared with a special treatment to absorb our paint properly, creating a canvas where our paint will not fade. Each design is then painted with 4 to 8 layers of paint, and lastly, the artwork is sealed with a water-resistant topcoat.

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Floral Print Beige VaseFloral Print Beige Vase
Floral Print Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Coffee Flowers Black VaseCoffee Flowers Black Vase
Coffee Flowers Black Vase Sale price$158.00
Pressed Flowers Beige VasePressed Flowers Beige Vase
Pressed Flowers Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Mushrooms Black VaseMushrooms Black Vase
Mushrooms Black Vase Sale price$158.00
Crochet Beige VaseCrochet Beige Vase
Crochet Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Polka Dots Black VasePolka Dots Black Vase
Polka Dots Black Vase Sale price$158.00
Cool Retro Beige VaseCool Retro Beige Vase
Cool Retro Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Warm Retro Beige VaseWarm Retro Beige Vase
Warm Retro Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Gold Snake Black VaseGold Snake Black Vase
Gold Snake Black Vase Sale price$158.00
Madison Vase | Holiday by Lainy HedayaMadison Vase | Holiday by Lainy Hedaya
Japanese Garden Beige VaseJapanese Garden Beige Vase
Japanese Garden Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Japanese Garden Black VaseJapanese Garden Black Vase
Japanese Garden Black Vase Sale price$158.00
Taupe Abstract Palms Beige VaseTaupe Abstract Palms Beige Vase
English Porcelain Black VaseEnglish Porcelain Black Vase
Eden Garden Beige VaseEden Garden Beige Vase
Eden Garden Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Green Palms Beige VaseGreen Palms Beige Vase
Green Palms Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Carrie Black VaseCarrie Black Vase
Carrie Black Vase Sale price$158.00
Denim Butterfly Beige VaseDenim Butterfly Beige Vase
Denim Butterfly Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Bird and Olive Beige VaseBird and Olive Beige Vase
Bird and Olive Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Soho VaseSoho Vase
Soho Vase Sale price$158.00
Lexington Vase | Holiday by Lainy HedayaLexington Vase | Holiday by Lainy Hedaya
Monogram Beige VaseMonogram Beige Vase
Monogram Beige Vase Sale price$138.00
Rumi VaseRumi Vase
Rumi Vase Sale price$158.00
Bridal Bouquet Beige VaseBridal Bouquet Beige Vase
Bridal Bouquet Beige Vase Sale price$195.00
Beige Vase Custom DesignBeige Vase Custom Design
Beige Vase Custom Design Sale price$220.00