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100% Eco Friendly Vegan Leather

What’s just as unique as an ALEPEL shoe (no two shoes are exactly alike, a precious rarity) is the way they are produced — made-to-order, meaning, there’s never excess inventory — making ALEPEL both art-forward, artisan-supportive and sustainably-focused.

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Geos Black SneakerGeos Black Sneaker
Geos Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Twins White SneakerTwins White Sneaker
Twins White Sneaker Sale price$265.00
Twins Black SneakerTwins Black Sneaker
Twins Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Butterflies White SneakerButterflies White Sneaker
Butterflies White Sneaker Sale price$265.00
Cosmos Flower Black SneakerCosmos Flower Black Sneaker
Cosmos Flower Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Bird Floral White SneakerBird Floral White Sneaker
Bird Floral White Sneaker Sale price$265.00
Plum Birds Black SneakerPlum Birds Black Sneaker
Plum Birds Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Gold Snake White SneakerGold Snake White Sneaker
Gold Snake White Sneaker Sale price$265.00
Serpent Black SneakerSerpent Black Sneaker
Serpent Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Green Palms White SneakerGreen Palms White Sneaker
Green Palms White Sneaker Sale price$265.00
Leopard Black SneakerLeopard Black Sneaker
Leopard Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Infinite White SneakerInfinite White Sneaker
Infinite White Sneaker Sale price$265.00
Japanese Garden Black SneakerJapanese Garden Black Sneaker
Bridal Bouquet White SneakerBridal Bouquet White Sneaker
Monogram Black SneakerMonogram Black Sneaker
Monogram Black Sneaker Sale price$245.00
Monogram White SneakerMonogram White Sneaker
Black Sneaker Custom DesignBlack Sneaker Custom Design
Black Sneaker Custom Design Sale price$445.00
White Sneaker Custom DesignWhite Sneaker Custom Design
White Sneaker Custom Design Sale price$425.00