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Welcome to our canvas.


Our Story

ALEPEL is a contemporary brand that specializes in luxury hand-painted shoes, accessories, and home. It was founded in 2014 by Adriana Epelboim-Levy with the goal of intersecting art and fashion that makes a statement. The brand is built on its vision in being ‘a canvas for which anything is possible’, where creative intervention brings together materials and processes that are wholly new. Our mission is to connect art and design into one-of-a-kind pieces that are as precious as the process involved. 


Artistic Team

Our production model is made by non-traditional procedures, making each piece unique and special. Every piece is crafted by hand in Brazil using high quality materials and techniques with a zero waste process, then, hand-painted by our local artistic team in Miami who despite their different backgrounds, are connected through the language of art. We aim to support and revive our creative community, to celebrate handmade and authentic work. The beauty of the artistry lay in the artistic perspective each painter brings to every style. No two ALEPEL pieces are exactly alike, creating a precious rarity to these special creations.



Zero Waste

To avoid excess of material, we have a “made to order” business model. Every order is hand-painted per purchase so no mass production of the product is made or stored. Our packaging is made out of 100% recycle card stock (no plastic), and we have designed a shoebox that doubles as our shipping box for all of our orders, avoiding the need for double packaging material, and allowing us to repurpose all of our fulfillment material.

ALEPEL’s collection partnerships are limited-edition and produced in small quantities.




Originally from Venezuela and living in Miami, Adriana Epelboim-Levy believed there was an aspect of artistry to her strategic nature. While working towards her degree in architecture she fell in love with the intricacy behind geometries. This concept led to her application of architectural and artistic skills in her powerful accessory designs. ALEPEL has been featured in international publications like VOGUE, Footwear News, Forbes, Oprah's Magazine, IN style, Glamour, Garden and Gun, Hamptons Magazine, Elle, Hola!, Latina Magazine, and more.