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Hand-painted make up bags

Hand-painted just for you.

There is a unique story behind each of these pieces that gets touched by artists and continued through you. In a world where we are expected to fit into existing ideas, we present a clean canvas for your personal story to be painted.

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Pressed Flowers Makeup BagPressed Flowers Makeup Bag
Mushroom Makeup BagMushroom Makeup Bag
Mushroom Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Cosmos Makeup BagCosmos Makeup Bag
Cosmos Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Gold Snake Makeup BagGold Snake Makeup Bag
Gold Snake Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Butterflies Makeup BagButterflies Makeup Bag
Butterflies Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
English Porcelain Makeup BagEnglish Porcelain Makeup Bag
Poppy Makeup BagPoppy Makeup Bag
Poppy Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Bird Floral Makeup BagBird Floral Makeup Bag
Bird Floral Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Vintage Linen Makeup BagVintage Linen Makeup Bag
Vintage Linen Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Bird and Olive Makeup BagBird and Olive Makeup Bag
Bird and Olive Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Beige Abstract Palms Makeup BagBeige Abstract Palms Makeup Bag
Denim Butterfly Makeup BagDenim Butterfly Makeup Bag
Green Palms Makeup BagGreen Palms Makeup Bag
Green Palms Makeup Bag Sale price$95.00
Monogram Makeup BagMonogram Makeup Bag
Monogram Makeup Bag Sale priceFrom $95.00
Bridal Bouquet Makeup BagBridal Bouquet Makeup Bag
Bridal Bouquet Makeup Bag Sale priceFrom $150.00
Makeup Bag Custom DesignMakeup Bag Custom Design
Makeup Bag Custom Design Sale priceFrom $156.00