ALEPEL x Irma Style

ALEPEL has developed a special collaboration with celebrated Miami-based stylist to the stars, Irma Martinez, who helms her styling agency Trendy Group. Working together to create painted mules that evoke the stylist’s ferociously glamorous fashion sense, Martinez along with the design direction of founder and designer, Adriana Epelboim-Levy sought to use the elegance and grace of jungle cats as a motif and inspiration. The result was styles that utilized the highest level of artistry from ALEPEL’s signature artists to illustrate the striking motifs of the Leopard and the Tiger on ALEPEL’s classic black and white mule.

The Leopard mule was born from Martinez’ penchant and affinity for leopards and leopard print as a staple of the fashion industry. Rendered in gold and featuring a never-before-used element of an emerald Swarovski crystal adorning the eye of the Leopard, this pieces is truly a work of art like no other.


As a perfect partner to the Leopard style, the Tiger provides a compelling counterpart. Painted with exacting realism, with artist touches, this mirror image design features a white tiger on each shoe, adorned with a sky-blue Swarovski element in the eye of the beast. The two pairs represents the level of attention to detail that ALEPEL infuses into every specially designed partnership. The effect are two pairs of ALEPEL mules that represent both IrmaSTYLE as well as ALEPEL’s luxurious sensibilities impeccably.