Women Who Wear ALEPEL: Louella Reese

We chatted with the most romantic girl on the internet, Louella Reese! We talked style, ALEPEL, and everything in between! Read the full interview below!
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ALEPEL: How do you put a look together? Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?
LR: Honestly, I spend a lot of time looking at what I have in my closet and trying to come up with new combinations. I love versatile pieces I can wear 100 different ways. Coming up with new combinations is a challenge I love! It is almost like a game to me and I need to win every time! I find a lot of inspiration for my outfits from women I see around Charlotte, bloggers in other cities, and travels. Grabbing inspiration while traveling is my favorite! I love seeing what women in other cities are wearing. They definitely inspire me! 
ALEPEL: What is your favorite (or an essential) piece to pair with ALEPEL mules?
LR: Right now, I am absolutely loving my ALEPEL mules with spring dresses. I love how well they pair together! The pairing is a little feminine and casual which aligns perfectly with my style.
ALEPEL: Besides fashion, what do you love?
LR: I love working out and being active outdoors. When the sun is shining you will find me outdoors either taking a walk, soaking in the sun, or doing yoga. My husband and I also love going for hikes around the Charlotte area. Exploring our city is another favorite. We'll start the day with a hike and then try out a new restaurant or local brewery. 
ALEPEL: ALEPEL shoes are hand-painted, how do you feel about handmade fashion in this fast fashion society?
LR: I am a big fan of handmade, quality pieces. The older I get the more I want to invest in beautiful, quality pieces. Those that will last season after season vs. needing to be donated or thrown away after one season of wear. These ALEPEL mules are shoes I will wear for spring and summer for years to come. I know they will stand the test of time both in wear and style. 
ALEPEL: Do you have a favorite (fashion) quote?
LR: "I like my money right where i can see it hanging in my closet." - Carrie Bradshaw
ALEPEL: How would you transition your ALEPELs in your outfit from Day to Night?
LR: For day, I'm styling my ALEPEL mules with simple dress and my go to straw bag. For evening, I'm adding a pair of beautiful statement earrings and switching the straw bag for a chic leather tote. 
ALEPEL: Where’s a stylish place we could find you on an average day? What’re you wearing while you’re there?
LR: I typically work from home so that isn't too stylish but I do often have events or meeting in the afternoons or evenings. Recently, I attended a try-on event at Neiman Marcus. For that event, I actually wore my ALEPEL mules. I paired them with a blue and white striped maxi dress, denim jacket, and the chic leather tote I mentioned above. Oh, and a great pair of statement earrings as well. 
ALEPEL: If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be? Don’t forget your ALEPELs!! ;)
LR: Somewhere warm and sunny. Right now I'm not too picky as I'm sitting at my desk looking at snow falling outside my window. I simply want to feel the sun on my skin and wear my ALEPELS with an easy, breezy spring dress. 

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