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Durable, wearable art.

Hand-painted with love in celebration of art and authentic work. Meticulously crafted by hand with high quality leathers and materials. A unique story behind each of these pieces that gets touched by artists and continued through you. 

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Mushroom White SandalMushroom White Sandal
Mushroom White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Gold Metallic Bees White SandalGold Metallic Bees White Sandal
Multifloral White SandalMultifloral White Sandal
Multifloral White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Aztec Waves White SandalAztec Waves White Sandal
Aztec Waves White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Cayena White SandalCayena White Sandal
Cayena White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Green Abstract Palms White SandalGreen Abstract Palms White Sandal
Movimiento White SandalMovimiento White Sandal
Movimiento White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Eden Garden White SandalEden Garden White Sandal
Eden Garden White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Vibras White SandalVibras White Sandal
Vibras White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Sapphire Jungle White SandalSapphire Jungle White Sandal
Blue Abstract Palms White SandalBlue Abstract Palms White Sandal
Tetris White SandalTetris White Sandal
Tetris White Sandal Sale price$265.00
Bridal Bouquet White SandalBridal Bouquet White Sandal
Bridal Bouquet White Sandal Sale price$325.00
White Sandal Custom DesignWhite Sandal Custom Design
White Sandal Custom Design Sale price$425.00
Gold Metallic Bees Black SandalGold Metallic Bees Black Sandal
Painter's Palette Black SandalPainter's Palette Black Sandal
Mushroom Black SandalMushroom Black Sandal
Mushroom Black Sandal Sale price$265.00
English Porcelain Black SandalEnglish Porcelain Black Sandal
Japanese Garden Black SandalJapanese Garden Black Sandal
Tetris Black SandalTetris Black Sandal
Tetris Black Sandal Sale price$265.00
Movimiento Black SandalMovimiento Black Sandal
Movimiento Black Sandal Sale price$265.00
Black Sandal Custom DesignBlack Sandal Custom Design
Black Sandal Custom Design Sale price$425.00
Mushroom Beige SandalMushroom Beige Sandal
Mushroom Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00
Movimiento Beige SandalMovimiento Beige Sandal
Movimiento Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00
Felina Beige SandalFelina Beige Sandal
Felina Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00
Tetris Beige SandalTetris Beige Sandal
Tetris Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00
Infinite Beige SandalInfinite Beige Sandal
Infinite Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00
Floral Impressionism Beige SandalFloral Impressionism Beige Sandal
Vibras Beige SandalVibras Beige Sandal
Vibras Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00
Gold Cheetah Beige SandalGold Cheetah Beige Sandal
Gold Cheetah Beige Sandal Sale price$265.00