The old adage If you can’t beat them .....join them, seems to be more relevant today than ever before. The codes of fashion and accessories have diverted in a slew of wonderful variations that represent a certain type of personal style- for the modern day American woman.

This isn’t one of those Mother’s Day gift guides that will make you feel guilty for not being able to make a selection. On the contrary, my intention of curating this feature is to stir-up curiosity and excitement for one of the most treasures days of the year. In short, it is an appreciation guide of finding her the right gift— to show her how much you love her.

It’s been a tough year. So if your striving to find the perfect gift to warm her heart, go for it. I’ve rounded up a list of gift ideas that are sure to delight this Mother’s Day, May 9th 2021

Happy Shopping!



The Alepel x Renna slides feature delicate hand-painted seashells and coral on the genuine leather upper strap.



Renna Jewels- Fashion is integral to the way I express myself and Alepel's intricately hand-painted pieces have always resonated with my creativity. These slides feature beautiful hand-painted renditions of my classic shell jewelry pieces. My creative connection with the natural world began one summer morning as a child after discovering two coffee bean shells with my mother at Salt Creek Beach in Laguna. A decade later, I thought back to this moment as I began to design a line that celebrates these treasures and joyful moments. It's a beautiful experience to collaborate with Alepel and see my shells come to life in this way.$187.00


Joseph DeAcetis -