ALEPEL x Anthropologie

ALEPEL’s slides fit no retailer more perfectly than Anthropologie. Keeping the Anthropologie aesthetic in mind, ALEPEL’s signature, timeless mule slide has been re-invented for Anthropologie’s whimsical and adventurous shopper. These new and colorful patterns were designed exclusively for Anthropologie by ALEPEL founder and designer Adriana Epelboim-Levy. The Cobalt Feathers pattern demonstrates an element of nuance for ALEPEL as a brand, incorporating painted elements not seen before from ALEPEL’s hand-painted motifs. Anthropologie’s Autumn Fantasy pattern lends daring intricacy to the collection with fantastical florals and pinwheels of color, all painted with complex dedication by hand. The full collection is available at select Anthropologie retail stores and can be found now on